Life is what happens…

When I was very young I was smart;

the smartest one in the class.

Sometimes folks thought I was a little too smart,

a bit of a smart ass.

In my twenties I was restless; new jobs, new men new towns.

I wanted to experience everything, see the world,

and prove I was no longer a child.

I was young, I was fearless, and some thought a little wild.

In my thirties I got married and settled down with just one man.

He loved my quick wit, my ready smile and he’d explored a lot too.

We built a life, worked on our careers,

and shared a love I thought was true.

Then when I was forty the girls came along.

My whole identity was engulfed by being a nurturing Godmom.

First the girls needed my care, next my dying brother,

and then my aging Mom.

Now I’m in my fifties and everyone is gone.

My brother died, my husband left me,

the girls are grown, and Mom passed on.

It’s not the life I would have chosen,

when I sit to contemplate and take stock.

But it’s the one I’m living

and there’s no turning back the clock.

It’s true what they say:

“Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans”.

Each decision you make, big or small,

brings you closer to the end.

I hope there’s much more to be lived

but no one really knows.

We simply have to carry on

and continue to enjoy our part in the show.


5 responses to “Life is what happens…

  • WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Firstly, I liked your ‘what’s up with that?’ about picking up the dog poo. Yes, it happens like that, doesn’t it – someone notices that ONE day.

    To your poem: fantastic. It is so damned awful in your 30s you were with your husband, making plans etc, the girls came along in your 40s, you’re mostly alone in your 50s. I reckon it’s great you’re blogging. I think it’s wonderful – because it’s a real community (though it’s intangible), but wordpress has a great feel to it from my experience (I only joined Aug’11; writing a book on my experience with my son from when I discovered him in my womb).

    Second reason though, I feel I would be blogging in my 50s, is it’s great to express. I hope too, there’s heaps more for you to live – actually, I’m sure there is. Here’s to you finding it 🙂 N’n.

    • Free the Twins

      Thanks so much for commenting. I had put writing aside for years and then one day I went to a poetry reading and all of the sudden all these poems and essays just started pouring out. It has become my passion again, which is great. I checked out your BLOG and you have a wonderful way of expressing yourself! I’m always impressed by anyone who can write a book.

  • the Rube

    How sad is acceptance, but peace filters through – with no lss of te real “you”.

  • Pamela Aronow

    Okay, that one touched my heart and rang true for me:(

    May 2012 be the year for new beginnings and many new loving memories.

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