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Happy Birthday Matilda!

Happy Birthday Matilda!  You deserve the very best in life and I know this year will bring you all you desire.

You are an amazing woman and a gifted writer; wise beyond your years.  The endless curiosity that keeps you constantly striving to learn all you can about life, the planet we live on, and your fellow inhabitants means you will never be without subject matter.

People may be drawn to you by your beauty and easy smile but they remain entranced by your keen intelligence, bright wit, passion for life and most of all your incredible capacity for joy.

Remain honest to yourself, write courageously about your truth, and continue to live life to the fullest!  I am honored to be your friend and humbled by how many ways you already surpass me.

I know I don’t need to tell you how to celebrate.  You will do it with the same passion you bring to everything you do.  ENJOY!

Love Always,



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