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Conjoined Twins

Conjoined twins

That sparkling, sunny, blond haired, blue-eyed boy

brings pleasure and delight to all he meets.

He turns to greet a friend and there just on the other side

is his dark and brooding brother

For you cannot meet one without the other.

Joy and pain, share the same time and space.

Reach for either and feel a twinge of its brother.

Entwined together keen pleasure and sweet pain,

Embrace them both to reach the heights of great delight and wonder.

I wish to know the boy of joy

I wish to know him well

To relish and indulge in his treasures.

To experience him fully and soar to his gratifying heights.

But he is interwoven with his brother

and they both share my journey.

I gladly reach for them and hold them to my breast.

I cannot, will not, choose.

For pain and pleasure are not opposites or enemies

but two sides of the savory bliss.

To love one is to love the other.

I cannot live with only one brother.

McKenzie James

July 3, 2011


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