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The Black Cloud of the Gypsy Curse

There will be a delay in posting Part II of “Friends for Life”.  Unfortunately my house was broken into and, among other things, my laptop with all of my wrting was stolen.

We have often joked about the bad luck that seems to plague my family and for years I have refused to believe in it.  Now after experiencing two floods, two fires, two robberies, famine (if living on saltines and water counts), and already having been diagnosed with one incurable disease I am slowly becoming convinced that it may be real.

I don’t know if the hospital I was born in was built on an ancient Indian burial ground thereby angering the spirits, or whether my Mom pissed off an old Gypsy woman passing through town who put the Curse of the Black Cloud on her, but clearly something is going on.  Right now I’m just waiting patiently for the plague of locusts to descend.

However, over the last few years several workmen have been forced for one reason or another to enter the crawl space under my house and they tell me they’ve never seen as many different kinds of spiders or such massive quantities as live under my home.  I fight them off daily as they try to take over my house entering through any crack or crevice they can find.  So maybe the plague is already upon me and just taking a different form?

McKenzie James


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